beauty b Services:


Signature Facial:  includes skin analysis to address visible signs of aging (including lines, wrinkles, dehydration, flaking, dry, thinning, or loose skin, as well as hyperpigmentation) and/or addresses breakouts and other skin concerns; steaming, cleansing, toning, two levels of appropriate exfoliation, extractions if needed/desired; customized facial masque; massage (face,shoulders, decollete, arms, hands, and feet); paraffin wax with heated hand mitts; eye contour masque; and hydration.  This service is the favorite and most requested facial service on the menu and provides visible and lasting benefits.  Please allow 90 minutes.


Treatment Facial:  includes all procedures in SIGNATURE FACIAL, minus the arm, hand and foot massage and the heated hand mitts.  This service provides a thorough, deep cleansing and exfoliation in a limited amount of time.  This is also the facial to choose for teens and those suffering with acne.  Please allow 60 minutes.


Express Exfoliation Treatment:  includes brief cleansing, an enzyme peel or Vitamin C or Charcoal scrub, followed by a  glycolic peel, and ending with soothing hydration.  This service provides skin surface renewal and immediate results in minimal amount of time.  Recommended for best results to even skin complexion is a series of four to six treatments every other week. Please allow 30 minutes. 


Back Treatment:  includes deep cleansing of the back and shoulders; exfoliation; extractions if necessary and requested; purifying, hydrating, or soothing mask; warm steam towel treatment; and hydration.  Please allow 30 minutes.


Facial Waxing:  includes removal of hair from the root on various areas of the face using the finest and most gentle wax available.  This service includes cleansing the desired area, applying and removing non-strip wax, soothing the waxed area with cool globes or marine stones, and treatments to prevent and/or camouflage redness.  This service if followed by meticulous tweezing and/or shaping when needed and trimming with detail scissors if desired.  Please allow the following times:

            Brows—15 to 30 minutes

            Upper lip—5 minutes

            Chin—5 minutes

            Full face—35 to 45 minutes

Lash and/or Brow Dye:  includes careful application of semi-permanent color to the eyelashes and/or eyebrows, with personalized color selection.  Results last three to five weeks.  Please allow 10 minutes for brow color process and 20 minutes for lash color process. 


Makeup Application:  includes customized makeup for weddings, events and/or photography.  This service begins with a brief consultation including client’s current use of makeup and desired look and preferences.  Makeup is the applied according to client’s needs and color requests or suggestions as well as comfort level.  All makeup is carefully selected based on ingredients and lasting power.  Makeup lines used in this service are mostly readily available for purchase, and equivalent products from various vendors can be recommended by request.  False eyelashes are also available by request.  **May be booked online as EVENT MAKEUP IN STUDIO OR ON LOCATION, BRIDAL MAKEUP--WEDDING DAY (IN STUDIO OR ON LOCATION), WEDDING PARTY MAKEUP (IN STUDIO OR ON LOCATION).  Please allow 60 minutes for makeup application, with or without false eyelash application.  Please allow 15 minutes for eyelash application only.


Makeup Lesson:  includes thorough discussion of client’s current use of makeup (techniques and brands); disposal of client’s outdated or unsafe current makeup products (if provided by client); careful description of customized step-by-step makeup application using product lines retailed at studio or recommended use of products client already uses; shopping list of products to add to client’s routine as needed or desired; customized face chart and written description of steps and product suggestions; sharpening of client’s current pencil products if provided; cleansing and sanitizing of client’s current makeup brushes or tools, including actual makeup drawer if provided!  Re-organization of makeup drawer(s) if provided!  **May be booked online as STUDIO MAKEUP LESSON OR TEEN MAKEUP LESSON.  Please allow approximately 90 minutes.



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